Company History

Seattle Bank's roots date back to 1944, when Ben Smith Sr. founded Seattle Mortgage Company to serve returning WWII veterans. As it grew, the company expanded into other areas of financial services, and in 1999 established Seattle Savings Bank. In 2008, Seattle Savings Bank was re-envisioned as a full-service financial institution built for the Seattle community, and officially re-opened its doors as Seattle Bank in 2009. In May of 2011, Seattle Bank successfully raised more than $62 million in capital from local investors, all of whom passionately believed that the Puget Sound needed just such a community-focused business and consumer bank.

We are now one of the most financially sound banks in the state.

Our investors, all business and civic leaders with strong ties to the Puget Sound region, have made a long-term commitment to build a strong bank headquartered in our community. They recognize in Seattle Bank a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-establish a truly Seattle bank, focused on the needs of this region, and dedicated to giving back to, and growing, this community.

While the Puget Sound has no shortage of banks, we believe there is a significant need for one made of the fabric of our community, that gives local businesses access to decision makers, and most importantly, shares a common set of values with its neighbors.

We are Seattle.