Our Community Financial Centers: Putting the focus back where it belongs

Here at Seattle Bank, we're working to return banking to the way it used to be: when you could walk into your neighborhood branch and get knowledgeable advice, or answers on a loan, right then and there. A golden age of banking when your bank staff knew your name, and you knew your banker. And when community banks were involved and active in making your neighborhood a better place to live.

To this end, we've put our most experienced bankers in each of our community financial centers - in Belltown, Wallingford, Bellevue, Southcenter, and Tacoma - rather than a central location downtown. This means they are right there were you need them, in your neighborhood. And they are tasked with creating a full service community bank in each neighborhood, one that has the resources to help the neighborhood thrive, and the knowledge to help each customer reach their financial potential. And, since we're based here in Seattle, and only have branches in the Puget Sound, you know your money stays right here, in your community, among your neighbors.

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  • Steve Barker


    Located on the corner of 2nd and Broad, our Belltown CFC is managed by long-time local banker Steve Barker, with backup from Scott Montgomery and Debbie Balovich.

    For a full address, and directions, click here.

  • Jim Bouchard

    Southcenter and Tacoma

    Southcenter serves South Seattle and SeaTac, our Southcenter CFC is managed by Jim Bouchard with help from Steve Lussier. It's located across the freeway from the Southcenter Mall at 6450 Southcenter Blvd.

    For a full address, and directions, click here.

    The Tacoma CFC represents our community in Tacoma and is close to the Fircrest neighborhood at 4916 Center Street. The Tacoma office is also managed by Jim Bouchard with assistance from Jen Diaz.

    For a full address, and directions, click here.

  • Rich Mulcahy


    Located in the heart of the Wallingford neighborhood, our Wallingford CFC also serves the Ballard and North Seattle neighborhoods. Led by the experienced Rich Mulcahy, with backup by Frank Rizo and Debbi Larson.

    For a full address, and directions, click here.

  • Gary Carlson


    Our eastside headquarters, our Bellevue branch is led by Kirkland native Gary Carlson, with help from Jen Diaz and Kevin Thompson. It's located right off of the 520 and 405 freeways, in Bell-Kirk.

    For a full address, and directions, click here.