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Mission, Vision, & Values


To help our clients build value and create meaning; and be a financial resource to our community.


A boutique bank focused on the needs of individuals, family offices, businesses, business owners, and community organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

Our experienced team of bankers blend big-bank solutions with boutique-bank service — creating more value by aligning tailored financial resources and services to match each client’s needs.

Through a combination of customized solutions, exceptional service and accelerated answers from local decision-makers, we make the complex simple.


Clients – We value our clients and are dedicated to providing them an exceptional experience out of respect for them as people, and out of appreciation for their trust, loyalty and relationship.

Relationships – We value the relationships we have formed with our clients, employees, and the many individuals we partner with beyond the bank to help our clients. This means we will look for “win-win solutions” in our relationships; a short-term setback may be a long-term investment in a meaningful relationship. We treat people with respect and dignity, we act professionally and with integrity, and we are inclusive.

Community – We value our community, and we are here to be a constructive force within it. Financial resources are essential to a healthy community; they are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. We will help our community by helping our clients, being a good employer, and looking for ways to be a good neighbor, and good corporate citizen.

Employees – We value our employees, the contribution they make to our customers, and their importance outside of work to friends and loved ones. We see employees as people, with lives, families, challenges and potential. We treat all of our employees with respect and fairness, and support them to learn and grow.

Leadership – We value leadership. Whether in roles of formal leadership, or by demonstrating leadership in a role, we hold ourselves accountable for being honest and thoughtful, communicating clearly, and taking the actions that are consistent with our values, and will ensure the stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by clients and shareholders. We keep our commitments, manage risk, and yield returns.

Our Approach

We built our approach on three key pillars of performance, creating a clear path to provide solutions uniquely suited to our customers' needs.

Partnership – More than a bank — a partner. We partner with families, businesses and business owners. We work closely with our clients' other trusted advisors. We work to understand your objectives and help you meet them. We build relationships that last and solutions that succeed.

Customization – Taking a personal approach to banking. We combine big-bank products with boutique-bank flexibility. We provide custom solutions, not pre-fixed packages. Our products and plans evolve along with you. 

Service – Going above and beyond to meet your needs. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you — even to your doorstep. We cater to you and align our services to your goals. Our concierge and electronic services make banking simple.