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Thank you for coming to Seattle Bank for your mortgage loan. We look forward to working with you and making your experience as quick and pleasant as possible. In order to have everything you need to get things started, be prepared to provide the following documents when we begin your loan application:

  • Signed personal and business tax returns from the last two years, all pages and all attachments (W2, 1099, K-1 etc.).
  • If you filed an extension, please provide a copy of the tax extension form with proof that any taxes due were paid at the time the extension was filed, along with the prior year tax returns (W2, 1099, K-1 etc.).
  • Current year to date signed profit and loss statement.
  • Your most recent 2 months asset statements (checking, savings, IRA, 401k etc.) In many cases your retirement and investment statements will only be issued quarterly or semi-annually; please provide the most recent statement. If you are considering using a printout from your bank or savings institution, it must include: your name, your full account number, the name of the institution and full documentation of the account.
  • Your most recent 30 days pay stubs, earnings statements, or LES (military only).
  • Divorce decree (if applicable).
  • Copy of your homeowner's insurance declarations page.
  • Most recent mortgage statement for any properties owned (if applicable).
  • A copy of your driver's license or any other form of legible, positive photo identification, such as military ID, passport, or state issued ID. Expired ID is not acceptable.
  • Your social security number will be verified. Be prepared to provide a copy of your social security card. If you do not have a social security card, please contact us.