Partner banking enables fintechs, marketplaces and brands to provide financial solutions within their brand experience, bringing banking directly to customers through seamless, integrated transactions. Whether offering a borrowing solution into a retail brand’s digital channel or providing banking-as-a-service to a fintech, Seattle Bank orchestrates the strategic blend of business, technology, and compliance to create successful, sustainable partner banking collaborations.

To learn more about Partner Banking, contact Josh Williams, EVP/Chief Banking Officer and Head of Partnerships, at [email protected].

Why Seattle Bank


Modern Technology Platform

We run a real-time, open-API, cloud-based core, enabling us to support complexity at scale. This enables Seattle Bank to marry our real time Finastra core banking platform with partners’ unique use cases, creating strategic solutions and a unified brand experience. And in enabling direct integrations to the bank, it eliminates the need for third party orchestration layers, and helps improve brand and bank alignment.

Full Balance Sheet Solutions

Seattle Bank offers payment processing, deposit services and lending solutions tailored to your brand’s customer experience. We work behind the scenes to match money movement to your brand or fintech’s strategies, offering on-balance sheet or off-balance-sheet financing and on-core or for-benefit-of account structures.

Regulatory Experience

As a regulated bank, we have a firm grasp on the shifting regulatory environment and maintain the highest levels of security, risk management and complianceOur technology operations meet or exceed the industry’s regulatory legal standards, assuring you that funds are handled safely and securely, and operational risks are mitigated.

Trusted Partner

Our Partner Banking team brings decades of technology, regulatory, project management and banking expertise to create customized solutions. Our experience supporting high-value transactions for commercial, family office and ultra-high-net-worth individuals honed our extreme attention to security and operational excellence, and instilled the creativity to shape customized products and services to meet client needs.

Capacity for Growth

A privately held boutique bank backed by some of Seattle’s leading technology investors, Seattle Bank has the size, liquidity and capital capacity to quickly scale to support partnerships as they grow.


Community Impact

Investing in a strong and equitable community.

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