Our Story

Seattle Bank is a boutique bank focused on the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to be a unique financial resource by providing our clients a personalized experience and peace of mind.

Private Banking Checking

  • Tailored solutions for the needs of high-net-worth families and entrepreneurs
  • Access to a dedicated client support team
  • Preferred interest rates, personalized setup and more
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Private Banking Savings

  • Make the most of your money with high-rate savings accounts
  • Savings solutions are personalized to your specific needs
  • Maintain access to your funds
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Custom Credit

  • Meet your complex credit needs with customized credit solutions
  • Products include lines of credit, custom loans, jumbo mortgages, and more
  • Our experts will assist you every step of the way
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  • We can help you establish account entitlements, giving limited account access to other trusted users
  • Provides flexibility and financial safety
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How We Collaborate with Advisors

  • With your permission, we can work with your other trusted advisors
  • This can include new account openings and ongoing collaboration
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Meet the Private Banking Team

With more than a century’s worth of combined experience, our Private Banking team is adept at tailoring banking products to your financial objectives.

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