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CD Valet is an easy-to-use website that delivers the most comprehensive and unbiased view of CD rates from local and national banks and credit unions nationwide. Developed by Seattle Bank to serve consumers the “straight up rates” without bias, CD Valet tracks the nation's top CD rates with the most competitive rates and terms, offering daily rate updates and exceptional CD offers with unique maturities, rate-adjustment options and more.

With CD Valet, consumers across the U.S. have an alternative to biased, ad-driven websites with a straightforward and full picture of CD rates at local and national financial institutions.

When it comes to CD rate shopping on other comparison websites, consumers are often not made aware of the breadth of options available to them because they’re generally served paid advertisements. Community banks and credit unions often offer the highest rates, but the substantial marketing resources of rate comparison websites dominate CD advertising. This prevents consumers from seeing a clear picture of all available rates.

Unlike other comparison sites, CD Valet shows the most competitive rates without bias as it does not use a “pay to play” approach. CD Valet does not accept promotional dollars and provides this service to the consumer at no charge.

CD Valet offers a new channel for financial institutions to easily raise retail deposits from a targeted local or nationwide CD marketplace where they can market their rates, acquire leads and easily open new accounts with an end-to-end account opening solution that simply integrates into a financial institution’s core platform. The fast-to-market, pre-built solution for digital account opening fully addresses compliance and risk management, presents a modern customer experience with extensibility to evolve with the latest innovations.

In addition to providing a new avenue for raising deposits and fast-to-market digital account opening, CD Valet also offers a comprehensive data reporting package of financial institution, consumer, and CD market insights to support pricing, marketing, and asset/liability management decision-making.

Contact CD Valet to learn more about how it can help drive deposits your way.

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