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Seattle Bank Partners with College Success Foundation to Support Underserved Students

Recognizing that education is critical to opening doors of opportunity, Seattle Bank and College Success Foundation have formed a partnership to benefit students and families throughout the region.

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Seattle Bank and Google Launching Digital-First Plex Accounts in 2021

Seattle Bank is one of 11 financial institutions collaborating with Google to introduce accounts

Seattle Bank is one of 11 financial institutions nationwide collaborating with Google to introduce new Plex Accounts that will help customers manage their finances and stay on top of their spending, all from within Google Pay.

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Stepping Up For PPP Lending

Seattle Bank Earns New Customers As It Channels Vital Financial Support

Seattle Bank immediately pivoted to support the community, clients and local organizations needing financial support through this unprecedented time, setting up a digital app so businesses could easily apply for PPP loans online.

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For Seattle Bank, Investing in Tech Is Investing in People

A rare mix of technology and person-to-person communication has helped Seattle Bank build a local reputation as a client-centric boutique bank and become a national model of efficiency and profitability.

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Seattle Bank Unites FinTech And Personalized Service To Drive Client Success

As technology and client needs evolve, Seattle Bank chooses to specialize rather than compete with bigger players. This has helped Seattle Bank differentiate itself from mass-market banks and serve clients in a more personalized, yet technology-driven, way.

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