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What Are The Different Types of CDs And How Do They Work


Here's a breakdown of the different types of CDs so you can decide which best fits your needs to reach your savings goals.

Three CD Strategies To Consider To Help Maximize Returns


Planning a purposeful CD strategy can allow savvy savers to access funds at different times based on when they want to achieve different financial goals. Consider these three CD strategies to help plan your CD funding.

Understanding Tax Implications of Certificates of Deposit


Learn how CD interest is taxed, how to report it and more to help you prepare for what to expect when filing taxes.

Cybersecurity: High Net Worth Means High Value Targets


As high-net-worth households increasingly use digital tools to manage their finances and store sensitive data, it is even more critical to strengthen cybersecurity measures to protect assets against hackers.

Using IntraFi to Insure Your Big Dollar Deposits


Keeping your deposits federally insured may be easier than you think. With recent headlines in the banking industry, safeguarding your money - especially large, liquid deposits - has been brought to the forefront of conversation.

Ensuring (And Insuring) Your Money in the Bank is Still Money in the Bank


The safety of bank deposits is at the forefront of the news. While bank takeovers are rare, cautious individuals and businesses may take steps to ensure their money is always protected.

What is a Bump Up Certificate of Deposit?


A bump up certificate of deposit is a savings certificate that allows investors to take advantage of rising interest rates through a single (in some cases, multiple) time increase on the interest rate paid for the remainder of a specified term.

Benefits of an Old Fashioned CD in a Modern Investment World


While the strategies of investing have changed over the years, the basic principles have not. That's why investing in certificates of deposit is still seen as a desirable choice when investing your money in 2022.

Using CDs for Personal Cash Management


Personal cash management often involves a complex balance of spending and saving. CDs can allow for consistent and flexible access to your cash while providing safety, flexibility, and financial growth.

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