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Seattle Bank Opens Branch at One Union Square


Seattle Bank Opens Branch at One Union Square

Seattle Bank is proud to announce the recent opening of a full service branch at its One Union Square headquarters in downtown Seattle. The opening of this new branch is one of the latest steps in transforming Seattle Bank into a modern day bank that delivers great value to clients through high tech and high touch service. In October of 2016, the Bank will close its last traditional retail bank branch which will mark the 5th branch closing in the last 2.5 years. These changes are allowing the Bank to invest in better products and services, and in great talent that can assist clients with a wider breadth of needs.

“We are very excited about the evolution of banking and how we can use our resources in a way that truly improves clients’ lives”, said John Blizzard, President and CEO of Seattle Bank.

“It’s no secret that since the invention of the I-Phone, and previously the ATM, branch foot traffic has dropped substantially. At the same time, a whole new ecosystem of tools/products/services has evolved in banking that allows clients a remarkable level of transparency, access, and solutions for their financial lives. With the One Union Square Branch, we will have all of our employees in one location which will enable us to move faster in finding and delivering the very best banking solutions to our clients.”

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