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Seattle Bank Employees Become Owners

Seattle Bank Employees Become Owners


Seattle Bank Employees Become Owners

Seattle Bank is pleased to announce the completion of recent stock purchases by senior personnel of the Bank. In March 2017, the Bank’s Board of Directors approved a plan enabling senior personnel of the Bank to purchase shares of Bank stock. The total allocation of shares under the plan has been fully utilized by numerous employees through a series of transactions in 2017.

“I’m thrilled at the level of excitement and engagement our employees have for building a great company, which is further illustrated by their desire to directly become stockholders of the Bank. The breadth of participation by our employees in the plan was impressive and demonstrates our teams’ commitment to build a bank that delivers a unique value proposition to its clients,” said CEO John Blizzard.

“Our team understands the significant opportunities that exist for the company due to our unwavering approach to delivering the best high-tech and high-touch client solutions, while always searching for new ways to tangibly enhance their banking experience. The banking industry is ripe for innovation and we intend to be at the forefront of that innovation,” noted Blizzard.

Seattle Bank encourages its outstanding employees to make great long-term decisions for its clients and the Bank, and as such all employees are offered the opportunity to become owners in the company. Today, over 25% of Seattle Bank employees are direct owners in the Bank, while the remaining employees, through the company stock option plan, have the ability to become owners in the future.

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