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Seattle Bank Harnesses Technology To Fulfill Evolving Community Needs


Seattle Bank Harnesses Technology To Fulfill Evolving Community Needs

As a digitally driven boutique bank with a big vision of providing a modern banking experience for our clients, Seattle Bank believes it’s important to ask ourselves how we can leverage the powerful benefits of technology to provide a highly tailored, seamless banking experience. It's a big part of our mission to ensure that our clients enjoy individualized services, expertly delivered both in-person and online.

Everyone's financial picture is unique, so we believe in designing personalized banking solutions that are more insightful and in tune with our clients' goals. As our clients' needs evolve, it’s important to us to tailor new offerings in the digital channel to support the changing expectations. When our existing online and mobile banking platforms became an impediment to meeting client expectations, we decided it was time for a change.

To take on this new opportunity, our team tapped into the creativity of fintechs and partnered with Finastra to explore how their platform could provide better, more intuitive services. In their case study, Finastra highlights the challenge we faced, the solution we found, and result we achieved as we worked together to respond to the evolving needs of our community.

The Challenge: Bringing Personal Touch To Digital Channels

Banking is personal, so our digital services should be too. We were excited to explore a new technology foundation that would allow us to provide the right tools, services, and support for our clients.

The Solution: A Secure, Scalable Foundation For Creativity

Our IT team recognized that replacing our legacy core banking system would be a huge step in the right direction for the future of our digital services. After extensive consideration, we implemented Finastra Fusion Digital Banking, kickstarting the journey to a future of open banking.

The Result: Harnessing The Full Functionality Of A Robust Digital Platform

The integration empowered us to leverage the full functionality of the digital services platform, including user experience customization features that our legacy core system could not support.

To learn more about how we implemented our innovative core banking system, access Finastra's full case study here.

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