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Josh Williams To Lead Seattle Bank's Partner Banking Initiative As Head of Partnerships


Josh Williams To Lead Seattle Bank's Partner Banking Initiative As Head of Partnerships

Seattle Bank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Banking Officer Josh Williams now heads our partner banking initiative, directing our strategic drive to build banking partnerships with established companies as part of overall growth strategy. This includes working with fintechs, marketplaces and brands that want to offer financial features to their end-users.

Innovations in how we see, move and manage money have changed many aspects of banking, and behind every successful fintech is a bank supporting seamless financial transactions, ensuring money is safeguarded, and often bringing funding and capital to the table. With our business model and technology, Seattle Bank is well-positioned to enable partners to provide their customers with the functionality, speed and security required for financial transactions in our increasingly app-based world.

As a member of the Seattle Bank’s leadership team, Josh assisted in the formulation of the bank’s technology strategy and helped drive investments in fintech and strategic acquisitions. Josh’s track record of commercial success and deep understanding of the bank’s vision and culture enable him to move quickly to identify and engage the right resources in promising new partnerships.

Seattle Bank has developed and grown our boutique bank and established the company as a trusted partner to high-net worth families and closely held businesses. Viewed as a high-value resource for independent wealth advisors and other professional advisors, Seattle Bank has a strong and growing client list, an exceptionally solid balance sheet and strong profitability. While Josh will be stepping away from the day-to-day leadership of the boutique bank, his efforts will continue to benefit our clients. As was seen with our recent introduction of Early Pay, our digital banking capabilities developed in support of our partners often drive more benefit back to our direct client relationships.

Supporting this success are strong technical and operational teams that have helped us develop a robust loan acquisition and management business and convert to a modern tech stack. These teams ensure our ability to provide existing clients exceptional service, but also enable our partner banking initiative. Because of them, we are one of the few banks in the nation with an open-API, cloud-based core platform, making us a ready partner for fintechs and companies seeking embedded finance solutions.

These foundational elements and our business strategy contribute to the bank’s strength, with Seattle Bank’s performance in the nation’s top five percent of banks on the metric of net-interest-income-over-average-assets and in the top ten percent as measured by average-assets-to-employee and our overall efficiency ratio.

Seattle Bank is uniquely positioned to be a value-added partner to companies seeking banking-as-a-service and embedded banking solutions. This is a fast-evolving market, with record-breaking venture capital investment in fintech so far this year. We look forward to working with our partners to bring more personalized, powerful financial resources to consumers as Josh drives this strategy forward.

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