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Seattle Bank Launches CD Valet, A One-Stop Shop For Unbiased Certificate of Deposit Rates


Seattle Bank Launches CD Valet, A One-Stop Shop For Unbiased Certificate of Deposit Rates

Seattle, WA – November 17, 2022 – Seattle Bank, a digitally-driven local bank, announced the launch of CD Valet, a consumer-focused website highlighting the most relevant and competitive certificate of deposit (CD) rates across five western states, with plans to expand nationally. CD Valet is the one source of truth for CDs, showing the most relevant and competitive rates without bias since CD Valet does not accept promotional dollars.

As inflation and interest rates continue to rise, CDs have come back around as an attractive investment choice, providing a guaranteed rate of return and keeping the principal investment safe, with the benefit of federal deposit insurance. However, when it comes to CD rate shopping on current comparison websites, consumers are often unaware of the breadth of alternatives available, particularly when it comes to local rates. While community banks and credit unions often offer the highest rates, big banks dominate the advertising on online platforms due to their greater marketing resources. This results in skewed perceptions of the market and prevents consumers from seeing a clear picture of all available rates.

“CD investors are savvy savers, especially in today’s economic environment, and they deserve a comprehensive and unbiased view of the marketplace,” said John Blizzard, president and CEO of Seattle Bank. “That view should include the CD rates offered by local banks and credit unions, where they can often find the best returns and have the added benefit of investing in the communities where they work and live.”

CD Valet is an easy-to-use website and mobile app that deliver the most relevant and unbiased CD rates in terms from one to five years from nearly 500 banks and credit unions serving  Washington, California, Idaho, Oregon and Arizona. Key features of the site include daily rate updates and a “Promos” section spotlighting exceptional CD offers with unique maturities, rate-adjustment options and add-on capabilities. CD Valet also provides portfolio management tools to track earnings and maturities, as well as calculators to determine the cost of breaking an existing CD and reinvesting in a new CD for a potentially higher return. Subscribers can also set up alerts to be automatically informed about rate changes, CD maturity dates, and more.

The CD Valet website was developed by Apexon, a digital-first technology services firm specializing in human-centric digital experiences with deep experience in the financial services and fintech industries.

To discover the best local and national rates, track your accounts and uncover better returns, visit CD Valet at


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